Friday, July 29th, 2011

Company Blonde Dance Projects with Candles Are For Burning in association with Playground Studios and Femmes du Feu presents


An Aerial Dance Play

at SummerWorks 2011

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A girl in a foreign country wakes with a fever. Everything is not as it would seem – sometimes it can be wilder and worse and more beautiful than you can imagine. She will get on a plane, arrive in her destination, be bitten by a malaria ridden bug, and undergo a terrible fever before she recovers. We view the story through her fevered lens into a darkly whimsical land of robotic stewardesses, assertive angels of mercy and an unstoppable greek chorus of infected mosquitos.

* From the award winning artists that brought you RUBY VENUS in Trinity Bellwoods park (Nuit Blanche), BIGGER THAN JESUS, THE ELASTOCITIZENS & AIRSHIP

at Theatre Passe Muraille (15 Ryerson Ave, Toronto)
August 4th, 6th, 7th, 11th, 13th and 14th

Choreographed and conceived by Monica Dottor
Directed by Monica Dottor & Steven Mccarthy
Based on a short story by Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman
Aerial rigging & design by 
Holly Treddenick
Production design by Beth Kates & Ben Chaisson
Costume/set design by Monica Dottor with Beth Kates

Michelle Debrouwer, 
Holly Treddenick, 
Lara Ebata
, Natalie Fullerton
, Julye Huggins & 
Allison Bradbury

Show Dates / Times:
Thursday August 4th – 8pm
Saturday August 6th – 5:30pm
Sunday August 7th – 10:30 Pm
Thursday August 11th -8pm
Saturday August 13th – 10:30pm
Sunday August 14th – 8pm

Tickets: For more information on Summerworks Festival single tickets or multi-show passes click here.

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