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Company Blonde has a unique and vital presence in the independent dance scene in Canada. Since its inception in 1999 Company Blonde has been dedicated to creating dance works that are accessible to a vast audience of all ages blending comedy and theatre with classical modern dance. Company Blonde strives to tell stories and share experiences that speak to our community and our culture, while always keeping the audience at the forefront of their work.

In the creation and production of original work there is a strong emphasis on the collective. Choreographers, directors and musicians are encouraged to use Company Blonde as collaborators as well as interpreters. There is also opportunity within the company for the dancers to choreograph and experiment in a safe environment to further their own development as a creator.

Company Blonde strives to build a diverse repertoire with work that can be performed on small stages, large performance venues, schools, bars, parks and pieces which can be easily toured. Work will be developed with a certain demographic in mind or on a broader scale commenting on popular culture.


About Company Blonde

Company Blonde, was founded in 1999 by Michelle DeBrouwer, Stephanie Thompson, Monica Dottor, Michelle Rhode and Sunny Horvath. These ambitious women came together to produce Blonde Jokes, which was to be a hilarious evening of dance and comedy at Toronto’s Opera House. Their common passion for laughter led them to fusing modern dance with comedy and it was this desire that fuelled them to choreograph work that was wildly energetic, punchy and fun. Blonde Jokes was a huge success: people wanted more and Company Blonde was officially born.

During that first year of producing Blonde Jokes the ladies of Company Blonde developed a strong and enduring creative relationship that was clear to continue. Deciding to nurture their skills as interpreters the Blondes approached Dancemakers’ Julia Aplin and Shannon Cooney about choreographing new work for them. Aplin created Nice Cuppa Tea: a piece that is tailor made for the wacky blondes with thirty cups of tea made and poured for lucky audience members served with gigantic flare.  It remains one of the company’s most popular pieces. Cooney ran with the company in a different way and created Five Minute Window then Written in the Body. Here the ladies of Company Blonde got to sink their teeth into work that was sophisticated, personal and daring. Armed with two great new pieces the blondes blasted out into the mainstream dance audience as a force to be reckoned with. They performed in Ottawa, Guelph, Toronto and Vancouver. Company Blonde had arrived.

In 2002 Company Blonde was ready to produce again. Having never worked as a company with male chorographers they this time commissioned Serge Bennathan, Michael Sean Marye and Learie McNicolls to create new work for them that would be pieced together and directed by Theatre Smith-Gilmore’s Dean Gilmour in a narrative work called Ruby Bastard. Company Blonde presented their collaborators with an idea, five women stranded by the side of the road, and everyone went to work. The result was a chilling full-length ballet that was captivating and transporting. This company had come a long way and with the support of such incredible artists they really felt that their efforts were valiant! Company Blonde was here to stay.

In 2005 Jennifer Helland and Nicole Rush joined the company and with some new energy and were on board for the creation of Binder Twine and Molly (co-choreographed by Monica and Sunny) which became two highly popular pieces that continue to be crowd favourites.

In 2009 the company welcomes Holly Treddenick, Sabrina Pringle and Christy Stoten as members and though the company remains five female performers the energy, brilliance and talent of all of these women collectively makes Company Blonde even stronger.

As we head into our next ten years we hope to inspire, wow and of course make you laugh your heads off!